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main specialist in Kitchen cabinets and countertop

A Few Words About Us

Lucky Home Renovation

If you can dream it, Lucky Home Renovations can build it.

As forward-thinking, high-end renovators, our approach to timeless, intuitive and custom home renovations in Calgary will instantly elevate the quality of your lifestyle and home while improving its functionality, quality and value.

We’ve earned our ‘masters’ in complete home renovations thanks to our commitment to designing, creating, and constructing renovations based on you and your family’s lifestyle. From open-concept spaces that inspire tranquillity to functional, tech-savvy rooms that make living easy, there is no limit to what we can do for you and your family.


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Best Price

Know where every penny goes during your home renovation. We guarantee no hidden costs, no blanket pricing, and we never go over budget.

Best Quality

We are 100% committed to excellence. From the materials we use to the quality of work we provide, you can count on a top-quality home renovation.

Transparent Scheduling

Every client receives a schedule of our plans for home renovations. We aren’t afraid to let you know what we’re up to every step of the way.

Open Communication

We are proponents of open, honest, and consistent communication. Our team will send you daily updates on the status of your project.

Stay Within Budget

We welcome your input and feedback during the process. The schedule we provide is soft because we are flexible and open to changes.

Transparent Scheduling

Our home renovations are backed by a workmanship warranty in addition to the product warranty that accompanies the materials we use.

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main specialist in Kitchen cabinets and countertop

Our Services

Our Services

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